14 November 2012

Literature & Law in Some Medieval Narratives

Please join us for the third seminar of the academic year:

Literature and Law
in some Medieval Narratives 

Professor Elizabeth Archibald

Durham University

Wednesday, 21st November2012
5:30 – 7:00 pm
Department of English Studies, Hallgarth House Seminar Room


Speaker: Professor Elizabeth Archibald, Durham University
Many medieval narratives include a legal scene, suggesting that readers/audiences were keenly interested in matters of justice and legal procedure. Often such scenes are connected to adulterous love affairs or to treason, or to both combined, but hunting is also a significant concern. In this talk I will discuss texts including Marie de France’s Lanval and the Middle English version Sir Launfal; the Latin Arthurian romance Historia Meriadoci; the Wife of Bath’s Tale and some analogues; and Malory.
Elizabeth Archibald is Principal of St Cuthbert’s Society and Professor of English; she arrived in Durham from Bristol in September 2012. Her research is interdisciplinary and focuses on reception, particularly in relation to the classical tradition and medieval romance (especially the Arthurian legend); she is also very interested in the interface between literature and social history. Her publications include Apollonius of Tyre: Medieval and Renaissance Themes and Variations (1991); A Companion to Malory (1996), co-edited with A.S.G. Edwards; Incest and the Medieval Imagination (2001); and The Cambridge Companion to the Arthurian Legend (2009), co-edited with Ad Putter. She is currently working on a study of baths and bathing in the Middle Ages, and co-editing collections of essays on the reception of the Troy story, and on Shakespeare and the Middle Ages. She is the co-editor of the journal Arthurian Literature.

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