28 November 2015

#3 Inventions - Seminar for Selected Papers

The 3rd seminar is coming soon (on the coming WEDNESDAY 2 December 5:30-6:30pm, seminar room of Hallgarth House)! This is the Seminar for Selected Papers of Michaelmas Term, and we are delighted to have two speakers!
The first speaker, Dr Clara Dawson is one of our alumni of Durham and also a former convener of Inventions; whereas the second speaker, Abeer Al-Mahdawi is a PhD candidate of Durham!
Please join the seminar and come to support them!

21 November 2015

#2 Special Seminar - Professor Patrick Cheney | NOV 26

The second Inventions of the Text event will be a seminar co-arranged with Centre for Poetry and Poetics! 

We are grateful to Centre for Poetry and Poetics and Professor Michael O'Neill for inviting Professor Patrick Cheney (Edwin Erle Sparks Professor of English and Comparative Literature, Pennsylvania State University) as the speaker of their inaugural seminar. 

The title of his talk is 'Elysian Poetry: A Short History of Immortality, Homer to Heaney'.

* This seminar will be on 26 November 2015 at the Seminar Room of Institute of Advanced Study, Palace Green. All are welcome!

17 October 2015

#1 Inaugural Seminar | Speaker: Professor Michael O'Neill | NOV 4

Title: 'Stories Somehow Lengthen': Narrative and Play 
in Beppo and The Witch of Atlas
Date & Time: Nov 4 5:30-6:30pm
Venue: Seminar room, Hallgarth House

10 September 2015

1st CALL FOR PAPERS - Michaelmas Term

Abstract · 300 words
Submission · inventionsofthetext@gmail.com
DEADLINE · 15 OCT 2015
  • Any chosen topic at any stage of research
  • All fields of English Literature / Interdisciplinary
  • Theme: ‘Religion, Secularisation, Transcendence’ 
  • The theme is a suggested, though encouraged, direction for participants to formulate their paper. It is optional whether you address this theme, lest it is unsuitable for your chosen topic.
  • 20 mins individual paper / 25 mins collaborative presentation
  • Post-paper Q&A and discussion
Department of English Studies · Durham University
Wednesday afternoon · Date to be confirmed