29 November 2008

Speakers for Michaelmas Term

All papers are delivered in the Seminar Room at Hallgarth House:

Monday 17 November 6:15:

Maddy Callaghan (Durham University): “'This soul out of my soul': The Trial of the Hero in Shelley's Epipsychidion"

Monday 1 December 6:15:

Paige Tovey (Durham University): "Wordsworth, Thoreau and Ecoromanticism"

Monday 15 December 6:15:

Professor Michael O'Neill (Durham University): "'Mournful Ditties and Merry Measures': Feeling and Form in the Romantic Short Lyric and Song"

Speakers' Expenses

We are also pleased to announce that funds are available for speakers’ expenses. Three speakers per year (academics or postgraduates) will be awarded funds from the Department of English Studies. One speaker will be invited without the requirement of application to the forum (at the discretion of the panel) and two by open application to the panel. If you would like to apply for funds, please attach a copy of your CV, an abstract of 250-500 words, and indicate your interest in the email. Funds will be awarded to the applicants that are deemed by the panel most conducive to discussion in the context of the chosen themes of the year. We encourage additional speakers to apply to speak at the forum without funding by following the previously outlined guidelines.

Staff and students may present a 20 minute paper (2750 words), which will then generate 20 minutes worth of questions, leading on to a general discussion about key issues raised by the paper. Sessions will last around one hour and will foster an atmosphere of informal intellectual debate.

Themes for 2008-9

Romanticism: “Like a dome of many-coloured glass…”

Speakers are invited to send abstracts that discuss any element of Romanticism. There will be a particular interest in papers that discuss the legacies of Romanticism to later poets, novelists, playwrights etc. and the concept of pluralities of Romanticism.

Papers on any form of European Romanticism are welcomed. Please send all abstracts of 250-500 words on Romanticism to Maddy Callaghan at m.f.callaghan@dur.ac.uk.

Transatlanticism: “Views from the other side.”

Speakers are invited to send abstracts that discuss the issues and exchanges of Transatlanticism. Particular attention will be given to papers that address British and American literature; however, papers on any area of Transatlanticism will be considered.

Please send all abstracts of 250-500 words on Transatlanticism to Paige Tovey at paige.tovey@dur.ac.uk

“Theory”: “A transgression should always know what it transgresses, which always makes the transgression impure, and compromised in advance with what it transgresses.”

Speakers are invited to send abstracts that discuss transgressions, digressions, contaminations, quotations, and their effects on the mark, the text, the event, the -ism….

Please send all abstracts of 250-500 words on Literary Theory/Cultural Theory to Maebh Long at maebh.long@durham.ac.uk

Welcome to the "Inventions of the Text" Blog!

Hi All,

Welcome to the "Inventions of the Text" blog! This blog aims to provide information for the "Inventions of the Text" seminar and discussion forum at the English Department at the University of Durham. There are three organisers:

Maebh Long (marketing)
Paige Tovey (finance)
Maddy Callaghan (general organiser)

Below follows a list of the themes of the year, and any prelimary funding information. Please email our gmail account if you would like any information that you haven't found online. We hope you visit us again!